Szabotage (Bristish, b 1975)

Gustav Szabo, better known as Szabotage, born in Brighton, is recognised as a prolific contemporary urban artist and designer.  Szabotage grew up in Hove and London and studied architecture and has worked as a designer.  By the 2013, Szabotage relocated to Hong Kong, where he became active in the street art scene and began to gain notoriety in the local and international urban art world.

Szabotage’s work is characterised by bright colours mixed with popular cultural references.  His vision takes a critical view of its immediate surroundings and often references the landscape of world cities, exploring the relationship between urban architecture and their communities. 

Szabotage is working with a variety of techniques and mediums, with his body of work ranging from canvas portraits, prints, interiors, cars, sculptures, stencils and products.  The artist constantly challenges typical canvas limitations, through upcycling and recycling, creating sculptures using deconstructed aerosol cans, metals and wood.  The artist is best recognised by his signature Koi fish - an iconic symbol of strength, adversity and good fortune – which features frequently throughout his work. 

 Szabotage held his first London solo exhibition ‘SHHH Women's Erotic Emporium’, in Shoreditch, London.  Since then, he has exhibited internationally, with sold out exhibitions, solo shows, and numerous collaborative projects, commercial and private commissions. 

Including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Evisu, Ritz Carlton, Jaeger Lecoultre, Gweilo Beer, Pret A Manger and many more. The artist is best recognised by his signature Koi fish. An iconic symbol of strength, adversity and good fortune, the Koi features heavily throughout his work.

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