SEAN FOLEY (Australian, b.1989)

Sean Foley

Sean Foley is an Australian fine art photographer known for his futuristic and dystopian themed images of Hong Kong. Sean’s artwork reveals a cinematic atmosphere fuelled by his love for the city’s neon signs and urban environment. His work has been featured in various publications internationally, such as Hong Kong Free Press, Esquire, Hong Kong Tourist Board, OpenEye Magazine and many more.

His photography journey began when he moved to Hong Kong. During this time, he became determined to capture the remaining neon signs as they were being dismantled. Since then, Sean has been working with some of the most exciting artists in creation of new media art as NFTs. His NFT is available with Foundation.

Sean describes photography as his meditation and is focused on the one goal - to make something meaningful and beautiful, capturing moments of solitude within chaos. Since then Foley’s works have gained recognition by NFT marketplace & galleries.


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