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Exhibiting Artists: Derry Ainsworth, Henry Chu, Sean Foley, Sharmaine Kwan, Elphonso Lam, Mizuki Nishiyama, Victor Wong, Asia Animation Ltd, Sparkle Collectio

The artists in “Meta Nostalgia” share an interest in Hong Kong’s cinematic allure; a fascination for personal explorations, and in different ways, the development of the visual language of the City. The artworks aspire to replicate the charm and cinematic magnetism of the old, and the new, fast-changing landscape of Hong Kong. Strange yet familiar to anyone who has a relationship to Hong Kong, “Meta Nostalgia” builds on nostalgic fragments and traces whilst incorporating digital techniques, ranging from an Immersive Room, Virtual Reality experiences, and NFTs. 


NFTs from Meta Nostalgia can be viewed and purchased on our NFT Partner page,