Celebrating International women's day - Hong Kong artist Joyce Chiang talks about how technology has changed the way artist promote their art online

5th March 2020, Hong Kong/

March is women’s month and it is the perfect time to celebrate and serenade their many accomplishments from the past, present, and future of women.

Aprè Gallery celebrates, grows and nourishes young talent. We sat down with one of our favorite emerging multi-discipline female artists from Hong Kong, Joyce Chiang to talk about how life is to be a young artist in Hong Kong and how technology has changed the way art lovers look at art.

Joyce is one of very few emerging female artists from Hong Kong, she is a multidiscipline artist, a designer, and a calligrapher. She was one of the residency artists from Hart Haus, an artist residency space developed by Henderson Land in Hong Kong in 2019. She has collaborated with several commercial brands locally and designed her own jewelry collection. She also runs her own design studio here in Hong Kong and she is big on social media. We dug into her life to get some insight into how it is, to be a female artist in Hong Kong.

hong kong artist joyce chiang

(Picture: Joyce Chiang)


Aprè: Joyce, you are one of the young female artists from Hong Kong. Can you tell me more about your background? How did you first start as a female artist in Hong Kong? 

Joyce: I studied architecture at university and worked as an architect before becoming an artist in Hong Kong. 

I was one of the residency artists of Hart Haus in 2019, I did my first show at Hart Haus in Kennedy Town in Hong Kong. I participated in a group show with a variety of local emerging artists in Hong Kong. I have worked closely with these fellow artists over the course of a year, and it was an enlightening experience learning and growing alongside these talents, whilst we all work in different mediums.


resin ink contemporary art hong kong
hong kong art

(Pictures above, Artworks by Joyce Chiang) 


Aprè: It's great to see support from a local organization for young artists.

Can you tell us more about your first impression of the art market in Hong Kong and what do you think it's the opportunity of young talents like yourself in Hong Kong and Asia?

Joyce: The art market in Hong Kong is dominated by high-end international auction houses and galleries, which influences and dictates people’s tastes and preferences.

There is a small and growing community of local, emerging artists in the market, but opportunities are often limited. However, online platforms such as social media and online selling platforms have opened up another avenue for emerging artists to put their work out into the world, and reach out to personal collectors and sometimes commercial opportunities. I do put my work on my website and instagram and I think it helps with self-promoting. 


artist posting art on Instagram

Aprè: Can you tell me more about your artwork and your inspiration? 

Joyce: I am an abstract painter, and my work focuses on capturing movement and energy in a still frame. My inspiration comes from asymmetrical forms and patterns found in nature, studying their wholistic continuity and their hierarchical balance. My work aims to provide a sense of peace and grace to the viewer, often speaking to the human emotion, illustrating something powerful yet subtle.

Aprè: Do you have a favorite artist(s) (male and/or female) and why?

Joyce: Due to my architectural background, my strongest influences are architects. My favorite artist and architect is Zaha Hadid. From her abstract structural paintings to her building designs, I am fascinated with her formwork, and how they respond to the surrounding site. When you stand in one of her built environments, there is no one element that has a clear start or finish. Every designed detail flows seamlessly from one another. The ground becomes the wall, the wall becomes the roof, and the roof becomes a lighting system. Her work is a coherent system, and it truly takes a moment to absorb the intricacy of the space she designs. 


Aprè: Where is your favourite go-to place to look at art in Hong Kong?

Joyce: I think of art as our visual environment, and therefore, its role is to shape and enhance a person’s experience in a space. I love visiting places where the art becomes a defining moment and leaves a lasting impression.

The spiral staircase at Tai Kwun by Herzog de Meuron speaks volumes to me - it’s functional yet is an art form in itself. Another favorite of mine is to look at wall murals commissioned in restaurants - not only does it tell a story behind the concept, but it also sets the vibe of the space.

(Picture: Tai Kwun, Hong Kong)



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