Ai weiwei released new documentary of lockdown in Wuhan during the Pandemic 2020

29, August, 2020, by Aprè Artnet Editor 
Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei has released a new 113-minute documentary last week about the lockdown life of pandemic outbreak in Wuhan, China earlier in 2020.
Picture from the CoroNation, Wuhan Tra⁠in station during the pandamic in 2020.
Titled Coronation and surprise-released online last week, the feature-length film offers a rare firsthand look at the pandemic in Wuhan, China, where life was largely brought to a standstill by one of the first known outbreaks of the virus. Shot between January and April by a combination of paid crew members and volunteers, the film is a disturbing, chilling work, and one that is likely to endure as a wrenching portrayal of how an unfortunate combination of biology, bureaucracy, and human error changed life in China—and around the world—in 2020.
Watch the trailer here: 

Coronation from Ai Weiwei Films on Vimeo.

More about the artist: 
Ai Weiwei left China in 2015 and moved first to Berlin and then to the UK. The new 113 minutes documentary ''CoroNation'' was directed and produced by him the remotely from Europe. It is the latest in a series of documentary films Ai Weiwei has produced. The Artist is known for creating conceptual art with  political message. He has made another documentary Human Flow, released in 2017, which focused on refugee crisis in Europe in 2015.