5 Best Hong Kong Urban Artists - 2020

5 Best Hong Kong Urban Artists to Watch in 2020
by Matt Nipperess


2020 is a strange year, while the world heaves and shifts around us we are feeling the tension of an unclear future, there are Hong Kong local urban artists who channel uncertainty into beauty around town. We introduce just five of them here whose work you would be able to spot all around Hong Kong.


 Szabotage painting a mural, Image courtesy by the artist


Alex Croft (Instagram @alexcroftart )

Central Instagram wall mural by Alex Croft Soho street art

 Alex Croft's mural art in Soho, Hong Kong 

Alex Croft is no stranger to the Hong Kong local art scene, he is the artist who painted the most well-known wall in Hong Kong, the famous Hong Kong Soho's instagram wall. Originally from the UK, Alex arrived in Hong Kong when he was 12 and has never looked back.

Recognizing the urban landscape as his perfect canvas, he is known for his contemporary traditionalism both in his corporate work and his street art – which came to international prominence with the unveiling of what has become known as “The Instagram Wall” – a vibrant urban landscape created for the G.O.D chain.

Alex Croft


 Szabotage (Instagram @Szabotage.me)

Szabotage painting mural street artist

Szabotage Street Artist in Hong Kong Skyline

 Image courtesy by the artist.

Many may know the Hong Kong based British street artist from his 2017 TedX Talk “Resilience is the Ultimate High” but the true passion of the English-born designer, artist and architect can be seen adorning some of the most beautiful walls, cars and motorbikes around his adopted home of Hong Kong.

He describes himself as heavily influenced by the urban fabric of the city and his depth and vivid use of color, particularly in the magical subversive Koi fish have seen him rise to the highest levels of urban art in Hong Kong and across the world.

Urban Art Graffiti Car by Szabotage



Elsa Jean de Dieu ( Instagram @Elsajeandedieustudio )

 Image courtesy by the artist.

This visionary French artist and her collective have created some of the most stunning urban pieces ever put to Hong Kong concrete. Elsa spent five years developing her technique at the prestigious Atelier Lucien Tourtoulou in Paris, where she excelled in the development of unique textures and interior decorating for high-end clients. In 2008 she moved to Hong Kong and is now probably best known among street artists for the wonderful laughing lady on the wall of Uma Nota in Peel Street.

Elsa Jean dedieu



Uncle852 (Instagram @Uncle852

Uncle 852 Cyberpunk hong kong hkwalls

Uncle is part of the Afterworkshop collective. They believe their kind of artistic expression is not usually recognized by the mainstream and so adopt a more guerilla, “after work hours” ideology. This way of thinking has led to some of the most organic street art of modern times including the phenomenal Steam Punk Bruce Lee in Sham Shui Po.

The depth and richness of Uncle’s pieces draw in the eye and refuse to let go. Fortunately there are quite a few to seek out!



Xeme (Instagram @Xememex

Hong Kong graffiti artist xeme urban art

This long-established Hong Kong based graffiti artist definitely has a thing for language (although he claims the name Xeme means nothing to him except a pleasing collection of letters).

The exquisite beauty of Chinese characters typifies his work and informs his style. Drawing on traditional lettering as well as from the well of modern street art – he has created an altogether unique blend of his own. Through his deep connections with Hong Kong’s graffiti community, Xeme, along with some friends was responsible for starting the HKWalls Mural Festival. His work can be seen all over Hong Kong.


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