French Urban Artist Sharing Smile in Hong Kong

These are strange times for Asia’s jewel - Hong Kong.

While the world heaves and shifts around us we are feeling the tension of an unclear future. But this jewel throws off some fantastic sparks under the right light. There are those who channel uncertainty into beauty. 

Meet the Hong Kong-based Artist and designer- Elsa Jean de Dieu. Elsa and her team recently created a series of wall murals and wall art around Hong Kong to spread positiveness.

Elsa Jean de Dieu French Urban Artist

Elsa Jeandedieu, Image courtesy by the artist


The visionary French artist and her collective have created some of the most stunning and up-lifting urban pieces ever put to Hong Kong concrete.


One of their recent project named #sharesmilehk, Elsa and her team created murals and and put up posters around Hong Kong. The subject of her work include portraits of smiling faces of people from different cultural background, age and ethnicity group, painted in various location in bright and bold color which is sure hard to be missed.

Elsa Jean deDieu Art





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Elsa spent five years developing her technique at the prestigious Atelier Lucien Tourtoulou in Paris, where she excelled in the development of unique textures and interior decorating for high-end clients.

In 2008 she moved to Hong Kong and is now probably best known among street artists for the wonderful laughing lady on the wall of Uma Nota in Peel Street.

To see more work by Elsa, go to her website:

Or her instagram page @Elsajeandedieustudio



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